Freedom to Indulge

For thousands of years, there was only but one way to enjoy nicotine in tobacco — through burning and smoking, which is problematic, for smokers and those around them.

How times have changed. Today, heating is the promising innovation that does away combustion and its problems. We saw the potential of this new heating technology, and how it gives nicotine users the freedom to indulge while contributing to a world of clean air. And that is the mission of jouz. By using a leaf as our brand motif, we’re constantly reminded of our mission to strive for cleaner, fresher air.

Because this mission is meaningful to those who smoke, and also to those who don’t, we are able to unite some of the best talents from leading industries across the globe. Designers from Harman Kardon, marketers from LVMH, engineers from Huawei, sales from Alibaba, experts from leading e-cigarette companies, and many more come together to help build the world into a better place. Today, the jouz family has grown to over 100 people around the world.

We believe that thoughtful design and innovative technology can work together harmoniously to improve our lives. At jouz, innovations in heating element, temperature control and air channel design enable our products to precisely and consistently extract flavor and deliver nicotine. Coupled with efficient battery management, jouz allows for continuous usage and great flavor down to every puff.

Every jouz product is designed to be self-explanatory and easy to use. Minimalist esthetic with thorough attention to every last detail makes them feel good in your hand, and blend well into your life. Our dedication has even won us the coveted IF Design Award for 2019.

Japanese consumers are among the most discerning in the world, which makes it the perfect place to introduce jouz. In June of 2018, we debuted jouz 20 and jouz 12 in Tokyo, which were well-received and awarded Best Sellers on Amazon and Rakuten. We have since launched jouz in Russia and South Korea to critical acclaim. Soon, jouz will be available in China.

jouz is intended for adult smokers.

“Smoking is one of the causes of lung cancer for you, and it increases the risk of worsening myocardial infarction, cerebral stroke and emphysema. Minors' smoking increases the negative impact on health and the reliance on tobacco. You should never smoke even though people around you recommend it. Depending on the person, smoking addiction occurs due to nicotine.”

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