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For lighter users who value a streamlined design.
Enjoy 12 heat-not-burn sticks from a single charge.
· Battery Type Li-ion rechargeable battery
· Capacity 680 mAh
· Input 5V 0.4A
· Dimensions 19.6 X 19.6 X 101 mm
· Weight 44g

Prepared for Perfection ​

Just like making the perfect cup of coffee, jouz uses precise and consistent temperature control to extract maximum flavor.鈥

Flavor Down to a Science

A unique air channel design supplies the optimum air volume and temperature for irresistible flavor.

Take Charge

High efficiency batteries allow for 12 4-min 30 usages from a single charge. The casual user can even enjoy up to 30 sticks with jouz. .

Savor The Moment

Regardless of your style, jouz is a complementary accessory to your well-cultivated image.

A Touch of Class

A single button controls all of jouz's functionality; with seamless LEDs to indicate status.

Tobacco stick

jouz applies with iqos tobacco stick.


jouz is intended for adult smokers.

“Smoking is one of the causes of lung cancer for you, and it increases the risk of worsening myocardial infarction, cerebral stroke and emphysema. Minors' smoking increases the negative impact on health and the reliance on tobacco. You should never smoke even though people around you recommend it. Depending on the person, smoking addiction occurs due to nicotine.”

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